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When I met Mark I was enormously impressed with his FTSE trading abilities, so much so that I decided to recommend him to my clients. John Piper
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Magnetic FTSE Service / Mark FTSE Service



Each day you will receive a pre market report at 7.50am highlighting the short-term direction of the FTSE 100, my thoughts and reasoning on potential trades and a MAGNET TRADE SET UP. The magnet is a high probability target system (80%) of where the FTSE is heading for that day and I provide a specific set up for you to trade at 8am or just after. Once placed if the trade needs further management I will communicate via SMS so you can get on with your day.


Other components


LIFESTYLE TRADE - This set up targets the magnet using risk control equal to 30% of the daily average true range of the FTSE. The risk management distance will therefore adjust to market volatility. The set up is designed for those with busy lifestyles and little time to trade. The set up carries slightly more risk than the actual magnet set up but the win rate is still over the 70% mark. For this trade you simply buy or sell the 8am open with the magnet in target. Risk management is provided on a daily basis.


Please note I do not actively manage this particular trade for clients.


MEDIUM TERM FORECAST - This element of the service will identify the medium term direction of the FTSE to assist with your own trading. This part of the service is suited to swing trading and will help traders plan their own trades.


BINARY CORNER – A weekly trade set up using a binary to position in the market.

Along with these regular components I will also provide other trade set ups and these could come at any time. I will advise you via email and SMS alerts. These are based on more complex strategies so they are not as frequent as the magnet trade set ups.




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