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When I met Mark I was enormously impressed with his FTSE trading abilities, so much so that I decided to recommend him to my clients. John Piper
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A very new FTSE seminar + the next POMM seminar!

I am putting on a full day's seminar on near to Dorking in the Surrey Hills. Date: TBD


Mark Austin

The seminar will be focused on the lifestyle trader concept and by that I

mean the techniques and systems I deploy every day to enable me to create

consistent income whilst not being glued to the screens all day and to live where I choose.

A key fact - 95% of traders focus on lagging indicators - these being RSI, MACD, MA e.t.c.  Although they do have their relevance, how can one find an edge in the market when you are constantly using information based on delayed action..............  my trading focuses on leading indicators and I will be teaching how to use these effectively to extract consistent money from the market.
Of course this only deals with one aspect of successful trading and I will also be teaching you how to apply effective money management and risk strategies to ensure that even when you are faced with a string of losing trades this doesn't effect your longer-term profitability or your mental state.


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